Tactical Boots for Hiking, Running, or Camping

Hiking Tactical BootsALTAI™ tactical boots will keep up with your pace, whether it’s an all day hike, a morning run or camping in the woods. Our extremely durable, highly innovative designs and technologies are exactly what you need for every day, all the way to the extremes. Their flexibility and adaptability are unmatched and their comfort will not go unnoticed.

Hiking Footwear

ALTAI™ can easily provide you comfort for a jog on a well-kept trail. But maybe your feeling more ambitious, no problem! Travel off the beaten path, without worries, ALTAI™ has an aggressive tread, on the outsole, for traction when you need it most.

Running Footwear

If you are an avid runner and want comfort in any environment, ALTAI™ boots are for you. These boots have a comfortable EVA midsole, to help absorb impact and give you maximum comfort on your run. It is also important for a running shoe to be lightweight; we have designed a tactical boot that will aid you in mobility by being light on your feet and providing traction for whatever road you choose to run.

Camping Footwear

Maybe you enjoy soaking in the nature around you at a slower pace. ALTAI™ boots still offers you all the comfort and protection while walking the trails and setting up tents. These boots can protect from branches, pine needles or other sharp, painful debris that could lead to a painful walking experience.

Crucial Aspects of a Quality Boot:


The ALTAI™ tactical boots durability is unmatched, from the soles to the upper. Only constructed of superior quality and highly tested materials these boot will last for years to come, even when worn daily. The majority of the boot has armor plates for strength, long lasting performance and protection for the user.


Moisture can lead to blisters but when you’re equipped with this boot you won’t give wetness a second thought. The breathable materials that makeup the ALTAI™ tactical boot actually force perspiration away from the skin. Instead of confining it and allowing sweat to accumulate, like other materials.


On top of a highly breathable design, this highly functional outdoor boot is also waterproof. It’s weird to think that something that’s breathable can also resist liquid but with advanced technology it can and has happened. The simple description of the design is due to its non-absorbent material allowing air molecules to pass through; while the slightly larger, water molecules stay beaded on the outside. This technology is a highly scientific design that is becoming increasingly popular for a range of applications.

Speed Lacing

A boot can only provide protection when on the user’s feet. The ALTAI™ tactical boot features an advanced speed lacing design that allows for an extremely quick tie that stays secure. The eyelets are a rustproof, durable black metal. This speed lacing system adds to the boots effectiveness and sleek appearance.

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