Tactical Boots for Extreme Weather Environments

Extreme Weather Tactical BootsComfortably stay outdoors for longer with the help from ALTAI™ tactical boots! These boots have harnessed the power of technology to create comfort, durability and flexibility that will withstand any extreme weather conditions. This waterproof tactical boot is a high performing, quick drying and extremely comfortable, all at a very reasonable price.

Not your traditional boot construction. The three main components that allow for such an advanced performance, in horrendous conditions, are SuperFabric®, VIBRAM® and EVA. Together these elements can conquer even the most demanding applications, while keeping your feet safe and comfortable. Don’t let the weather slow you down.

Hot Temperature Tactical Boots

Whether it’s a hot weather hike, desert patrol or another day of work in the sun it’s important that you’re equipped. Wearing the least amount of layers will help you stay cool but when it comes to your feet that’s not really an option. ALTAI™ tactical boots keep feet comfortable and cool, while protecting them from any harsh outside elements and easing mobility.

One very important factor in warm weather boots is ventilation, the ALTAI™ boots are extremely breathable because they are mainly made with SuperFabric® and not leather, like most other boots. This SuperFabric® material is extremely breathable because it allows airflow throughout the armor technology and the material actually pulls perspiration away from the skin, allowing the body to cool naturally, instead of staying drenched in the sweat that was produced because of the heat.

Freezing Temperatures

The ALTAI™ tactical boots were made to withstand and protect from the damaging temperatures by providing comfort and extreme grip. It is important to wear quality products when braving the coldest of conditions. From a hats to gloves, jackets and snow pants, the selection of your winter weather apparel matters. And all that gear can start to get heavy, which is why we have also took a lightweight approach to the boot design.

Whether it’s snow blowing your driveway, climbing icy mountains, ice fishing, snowmobiling or any other reason you have to traveling through blizzard conditions, the ALTAI™ tactical boot is up for the task. These tactical boots are both fast drying and water resistant, not just chemically sprayed to resist water, actually made up of materials that resist and do not absorb liquid. They will keep your feet warm through sleet, ice and snow without dragging you down.

These highly technologically advanced materials are becoming the ideal components being used in a variety of products. Many are already utilizing this technology:

  • SuperFabric® can be found in diving suits, hot tub covers and many other outdoor apparel options, such as snowboarding pants, motorcycle protective gear and sailing wear.
  • EVA midsoles are found in high-demanding sport shoes, used by the professionals because they’re very productive at absorbing shock, thus cushioning the amount of impact the body takes.

VIBRAM® is a leading outsole producer because of their rugged durability and are commonly seen already on the soles of many tactical boots and are even combat approved.

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