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ALTAI 8″ Brown Waterproof Zip-Up


ALTAI 6″ Brown Waterproof Zip-Up


Are you looking for a rugged outdoor boot that won’t have your dogs barking at the end of the day? Experience the performance of a quality boot with the comfort of a tennis shoe in the MFH200 hunting boot from ALTAI®. This model, along with our other waterproof insulated hiking boots, delivers on durable features that help you stay comfortable throughout your hike or hunting trip.

Our patented SuperFabric® creates a waterproof, moisture-wicking barrier to keep your feet dry in warm and cool weather conditions. These boots are so lightweight that you can easily forget you’re even wearing them.Hit the trail in our stylish waterproof outdoor boots. You’ll keep moving all day with ALTAI® hunting, hiking, camping, and fishing boots.

ALTAI® Lightweight Waterproof Advantage includes:

  • SuperFabric® material provides strong abrasion/scuff-resistance to protect you against unexpected obstacles in the wilderness, and makes our boots lightweight and breathable.

  • SuperFabric® in the toe prevents creasing, so it always looks new

  • YKK® side zipper makes for quick on/off while providing sturdy ankle and leg support

  • Brown color on these boots is incredibly stain-resistant and easy to clean. Go ahead and get ‘em filthy; they hose right off, and dry quickly

  • 6″ and 8” height means sturdy ankle and leg support and additional waterproofing

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